Aerial Fitness in Boulder: Burn Calories Up in the Air

Aircat Aerial Yoga

Are you looking for a fun and unique fitness class to take near your Boulder apartment? Check out these aerial fitness classes here in Boulder!

Aircat Aerial Yoga is a new and innovative approach to flexibility training and fitness in Boulder. By combining traditional yoga with aerial arts, Aircat Aerial is able to create an exhilarating strength training program that’s not only unique, but a lot of fun to practice. This type of yoga is great for your cardio exercise, and it’s an excellent way to build flexibility and muscle tone.

You can also check out Frequent Flyers; there classes are always top-notch. At Frequent Flyers, you’ll enjoy classes taught by seasoned instructors. Aerial classes include using fabric, hoops, and the circus trapeze!

Finally, there is also the well-seasoned and highly-trained team over at Boulder Spirals where you will learn to take flight with the grace of a sparrow and the strength of an eagle. Boulder Spirals also offers aerial yoga using a fabric hammock in a 60-minute class for advanced and intermediate levels.

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Image courtesy of Aircat Aeria Yoga


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