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Colorado 14ers for Beginners

In Colorado, novice hikers and serious climbers alike are all eager to take on the 14ers. “14ers” refers to mountains with elevations that exceed 14,000 feet. These high, beautiful mountaintops attract avid adventurers and outdoor lovers from all over the country. For beginning hikers, there are several manageable 14ers to try out. Here are our […]

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Spring Cleaning Guide

The clear skies and warm weather means spring has finally arrived in Boulder. It’s time to dust off the winter gloom and revitalize your lifestyle. Some good old-fashioned spring cleaning is still the best way to get re-energized. The start of this brighter season brings the opportunity to take a good look at your home […]

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Spring Concerts for Boulder Music Lovers

Springtime in Boulder brings many exciting concerts to the area. Throughout Boulder and Denver there are many great venues that’ll be bustling with live music soon. Not far from Habitat Apartments, here are a few local venues boasting a diverse music lineup:

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The Surrounding Habitat: Exploring Gunbarrel & North Boulder

The Habitat Apartments reside in a thriving neighborhood just north of Downtown Boulder. Our rental complex is part of the greater community of Gunbarrel, which is experiencing an exciting period of growth. Our neighborhood offers a great combination of relaxing suburban life and nearby urban amenities. If you’re looking to explore the neighborhood, here are […]

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Our Habitat in Gunbarrel

With its open spaces and mountain views, our townhome and apartment community captures the inviting and adventurous spirit of Boulder, Colorado. Just six miles northeast of Downtown Boulder, Habitat Apartments is located in the growing neighborhood of Gunbarrel.