Plan a Summer Getaway from Boulder with Mighty Yak Adventures


There are times when it's best to get off the beaten path and explore those mystical places that lay over the horizon. If you are tired of the trips to Disney and the cruises to the Caribbean, maybe now is a good time to think about heading high into the hills where few have gone before. The folks over at Mighty Yak Adventures are ready to take you there … [Read more...]

New in Gunbarrel: The Kettle & Stone Brewing Co.


There is nothing like taking a break at the end of the day and enjoying a nice, cold beer with your friends and co-workers. If you are wanting to try one of the newest brews in town, make sure to take a trip over to The Kettle & Stone Brewing Co. and taste a sample of what they are pouring from their taps. The brewery opened up just last summer, and … [Read more...]

The Mountains are Calling: Our Scenic Surroundings in Gunbarrel


Colorado is one of the most magnificent places on the planet. From the Sand Dunes down near Alamosa to the ski resorts up around Frisco, we have such diverse geography and scenery that there is no shortage of new things to discover and do. That's what makes Colorado so special, and we can see much of this scenery right from our pet-friendly apartments in … [Read more...]

Try Acupuncture for Pets in Gunbarrel


When most people in our pet-friendly apartments in Gunbarrel think of acupuncture, they rarely think of applying such techniques to their pets. After all, it is not traditionally something your pet wants. But, according to Chinese veterinarians, it works wonders on pets' bodies. Young, juvenile, and even old pets appear to benefit from a visit to the pet … [Read more...]

3 Benefits of Living Close to Boulder’s Diagonal Highway


Living along the Front Range in our Boulder apartments near the Diagonal comes with a great many benefits. From the view to the proximity to ski resorts and outdoor recreation, the list goes on for miles. Here are just three of our favorite reasons for making the area our home: Downtown Boulder - It's just a short drive away from here, and there is … [Read more...]